Megatron is the main villain of the Transformers Universe. He is leader of the Decepticons and has had many modes throughout his toy life.

Everyones' favorite robbery weapon as a kid's favorite evil villain! How creative, hasbro!

About this Character in SeriesEdit

Megatron was in the series from 1984-1986. He was first seen as the leader of the Decepticons in the first

Hi Mr. Buckethead, I mean Megabucket, I mean Megamadbucket? What's your name again?

three episodes of the series, and then countless times afterwards, until the movie in 1986. He is mortal enemies with Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his top sidekick is Starscream, although trying to overthrow Megatron for many moons. His last appearance as Megatron was in the movie, when he fought Optimus Prime for the last time, or so he thought. Megatron was killed, along with Optimus Prime, and was reborn as Galvatron by Unicron. He remained Galavatron for the rest of the series.

In Beast Wars, which took place in between the crash 4 million yeras ago and the awakening in 1984, a character named after Megatron, in fact named Megatron, is mortal enemies with Optimus Primal. Here he takes the form of a T-Rex.

In the Armada and Energon trilogy, he is a tank, and by the end of that trilogy, in Cybertron, he is a car. He is decipitated as Galvatron at the end of the Cybertron series, but just taking a deco change, nothing more. In the Cybertron series, Megatron is colored like G1 Galvatron and Galvatron is colored like G1 Megatron.

In the live action series, He has taken 3 forms for each movie: A Cybertronion Jet (2007 Movie), A Cybertronion Tank/Winged Tank (2009 Movie), and a Gasoline Truck (2011 Movie).

In Transformers; Animated, he took the form of a Cybertronion Jet, and later, a Helicopter.

In Transformers; Prime, he took the form of a Cybertronion Jet, like previously decipitated.


1984 - G1 Megatron Toys

This Megatorn toy turned into a Walther P-38 Pistol with a scope and an

What twisted person makes a toy gun without an orange cap on it. Why not make him a Thunderbolt A101 II like Powerglide? Too many similarities? Tell that to the Seekers!

elongated barrel. This toy is now banned on mail flights an there must be a permit to own this toy in Austrailia. This is not a real Walther P-38 Pistol. Some other G1 toys included the Action Masters Megatron (which didn't transform) and other 2 packs and reissues such as Takara's Encores and otherwise. It is a very pricey investment to buy a G1 Megatron

1993 - G2 Megatron Toys

300px-G2 CombatHero Megatron toy

I said hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop and you don't stop the rockin to the bang bang boogie, say...wait, wrong person *facepalm*

There were three G2 Megatron toys. A green version and a purple version of the

Sideswipe? No. Um, Jazz? No. Uuuhh, Hot Shot? No? THEN WHO THE FLIP IS HE!??!??!?

tank (seen to the left) and a GoBot (seen to the right). They are collectors items and a must buy for Transformers Fans.

1996 - Beast Wars Megatron Toys

300px-Bwmegatron toy

I hate you, you hate me, we're a horrible family, with a great big bite and a shot from me to you. Won't you say you hate me too.

There were four Beast Wars Megatron toys. An Ultra Class (The barney one to the right), a Basic Class Gator, a Purple Basic Class Gator, and two pack with Optimus Primal (released in japan)

2003 - Robot Masters Megatron Toys

A Blue F-22 jet Megatron. Thundercracker Much?

2003 - Armada Megatron Toy

A Green, Red, and Black tank (ON RIGHT!) Sound familar? G2 Muchly!!!!!
200px-Armada megatron toy

Your parents wont be able to tell the difference between G2 Megatron and this guy! Or WILL THEY?

2004 - Energon Megatron Toy


Head like Galvatron, and body like a true assassin!

A Black, White, and Blue jet. (ON LEFT!) From Tank to Jet, and in reverse we shall see soon enough!

2006 - Cybertron Megatron Toys

Three Cybertron Megatron Toys were released. A Titanium one, a Leader Class one (picture), and a Legends Class one. They also released Galvatron versions of these toys.

Blue Eyes? SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Live Action Movie Toys


Our favored 2007 megs. No, not Megan Fox, Megatron. How the flip could you get that screwed up?!

In 2007, they released countless Megatron toys for the Live Action series.

Our 2009 Megatron. By now you have realized this is not Megan Fox and this guy will kill you before you can finish reading this c-...

The most favored is the Leader Class Megatron Toy (In pictures first). He was a Cybertronion Jet. They also released Titanium versions and Legends class, as well as voyager classes (which included a Cryo Megatron). In 2009, they released countless Megatron toys for the sequel, such as "zip-and-go" transformers, race car Megatrons, the leader class (seen in pictures 2nd) and others. In 2011 they so far have shown Voyager classes. A leader Megatron has not been unvieled. Voyager

Yep, he got shorter and his cannon is on his left arm. You will love him or die.

Class seen in Pictures.

2008 - Animated Megatron Toys

There were many Animated Megatron Toys. The Cybertron Mode Megatron, The Battle Damaged Megatron, The Earth Mode Megatron, The McDonalds Megatron, The Legends Class Megatron, etc. We do not have a picture available for you. Sorry

2011 - Transformers: Prime Megatron Toy(s)

We do not have enough information on this toy. All we know is that he will be about Voyager/Deluxe size and will be very accurate to the series, as well as turning into a Cybertronion Jet.