Hasbro is the manufacturer of Transformers in the U.S

Hasbro Logo

The Hasbro Chairman boards' kids must really like McDonalds Happy Meals to come up with this smart logo...


Hasbro was created in 1923 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. But this company

Yeah, they used actual potatoes. Sonny's be eatin' their head. And any fruit works with it! So his name should've been Mr. Fruit Head!

t'was not a toy making company. No sir, it was a school supply making company. Surprised yet? In the 1940s they began releasing doctors and nurse kits, their first toys. I hope you didn't think Transformers was the first thing they made. Oh yeah, and they also made everyone's favorite Mr. Potato Head.

Take off with G.I JoeEdit

In 1962, Hasbro would make the G.I Joe Figures, their first "Doll" action figures. These G.I Joe figures were not

Also available in black hair, brown hair, orange hair, red hair, green hair, rainbow hair, clown hair, Optimus Prime helmet, Elmo hair, and a Sundress!

too variety-fulfilled. They just had different colored hair but that was pretty much it. You could undress these figures as well. Yeah, Hasbro was not very intelligent. They weren't to intelligent with this burglary weapon either.

Boy, oh boy, It's a Transformers Toy!Edit


The first sign of elementary love was seen on this logo! Aww, so cute.

By now the motto for Hasbro used in Commercials and Paper Ads were: "Boy, oh boy, It's a Hasbro Toy!" In 1983, Hasbro changed it's logo (seen to the left) and released My Little Pony. Oh Joy (sarcasm)! In 1984, they went to a Takara Tokyo Toy event and partnered with, duh, Takara, to release what will be known as The Transformers in the U.S.