Bumblebee is a common Autobot in the Transformers Universe.

Surprisingly not Herbie.

About this Character in SeriesEdit

Bumblebee was the 2nd transformer to appear on screen (first being Wheeljack) and was seen many times after the crash as an ally to Spike Witwicky. His last apperance as Bumblebee was in the 1987 Season 3 Episode "The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2" where he was transformed into Goldbug. He was absent from the Transformers for a long time afterwards.


Everyone's favorite little friendly character as a super epic camero 'con killer.

His next name appearance would be in Transformers: Armada, where Perceptor's Japanese name (for that series) would be "Bumble." He is next seen in Transformers: Energon standing next to Rodimus and his team in a picture.

He would then make his next largest role as an ally for Sam Witwicky in the Live Action Film Series. He cannot speak in the Live Action Film Series. He only has 2 lines at the end of the 1st movie from recovery, but afterwards "plays it off." His live action film model can be seen on the left. He became a regular character in the transformers univers. He was in Transformers: Animated as a young bot with a lot of hype. Later he would be seen in Transformers: Prime as a young bot that cannot speak, like the movie series.



Samurai Bumblebee!

1984 - G1 Bumblebee Toys

Bumblebee had 3 toys in the G1 Universe. Pretender Bumblebee, Red Bumblebee, and Minibot Bumblebee (to the left). There have been reissues of this toy afterwards.

1993 - G2 Bumblebee Toy

Bumblebee had a G2 Bumblebee Toy, which was just a gold chrome repaint of the Minibot Bumblebee.

Sensei Bumblebee


Now with wings! Getting closer to the name "Bumblebee," eh Wheeljack?

2006 - Classics Bumblebee Toy

A more posable deluxe Bumblebee toy. Seen left.

Live Action Film Bumblebee Toys

There are countless Bumblebee toys throughout the Live Action Film line for being such a promotional character. The most sold is the Deluxe Class Bumblebees. These consist of 4 main toys. Other additional ones include Battle Mode Bumblebee and so on. The first one is an old rusty camero Bumblebee for the beginning of the movie and a new camero Bumblebee for the middle to end of the movie. Later they would reuse this new camero model for the ROTF Bumblebee, except with "pupils." This toy only had one hand and an untransformable/changable ionic blaster. In 2011, they would reprise their goodness with Bumblebee in a Deluxe Mech Tech Bumblebee, as well as a plus: LEADER Bumblebee. This toy has two hands. There has also been an Ultimate Class Bumblebee for the 2007 line. There is also a Cyberverse Bumblebee (legends) for the DOTM line.

With stingers? Ok let's combine these three REAL Bumblebee traits and make him turn into an ACTUAL Bumblebee. Surprised he wasn't in Beast Wars? ME TOO!

2008 - Animated Bumblebee

Bumblebee turns into an undercover


Live Action Film based much?

detective yellow spy car. His weapons are stingers. SEEN ON DIRECTLY RIGHT.

2011 - Prime Bumblebee

A toy based off of Transformers Prime. SEEN DIRECTLY ON RIGHT.